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Frequently Asked Questions


Is there an afterlife?
Oh jeeze, we dunno. Enjoy the ride. 


How big are your t-shirts and sweatshirts?
See our sizing chart for all the details.


Will my shirt shrink?
No, not really. All our clothing is pre-shrunk meaning the fabric is compacted and will experience minimal shrinkage when washed. (maximum 5% shrinkage)


What if something is wrong with my order?

Oh crumbs, sorry about that. Email us at and we'll fix it. 


What if I want to exchange or return something? 
Hey, no problem....that is, assuming you didn't spill red wine on your new did didn't you? Tsk tsk, switch to white :P
Kidding aside, email us at and we'll tell you the steps to return or exchange something.  


Are you Laurie Brown?
Not quite. This store and its merchandise were created by our team in collaboration with Laurie and the fine folks at CBC. 


Where does the money go?
We ask ourselves that question every pay-day. The money from sales covers the cost of producing the merchandise and royalties are paid to CBC. Laurie Brown insists the royalties are used to fund Canadian-made content and not put directly back into her own program, The Signal.